Animal travel

There are benefits to vacationing with animals, however, all too often taking your animal on holiday is problematic, expensive, and difficult. We like the idea of traveling with our animals yet the logistics of animal travel is overlooked and the fine print causes the animals distress or to be left behind – and sometimes in [...]

Our approach to rabies and its prevention

Rabies is a fatal viral zoonosis and serious public health problem. Rabies infection is caused by the rabies virus in humans and animals. The disease is an acute, progressive encephalitis (inflammation of the brain). Mammals are infected through animal bites which spread the disease through saliva. Once the virus has penetrated the skin of the [...]

Do you recommend vaccinating animals?

Yes, I recommend puppy/kitten vaccinations for young pets. Dogs need to be vaccinated for rabies (and cats should be as well) and licensed by six months of age in our state—that is Oregon State Law. The earliest you can vaccinate for rabies is three months of age. The rabies vaccination must be given by a [...]

What is rabies, and why is vaccination important?

Rabies is a viral disease caused by the rabies virus. This disease is a serious problem in many parts of the world, including the USA. Humans and wildlife are infected by the bite of rabid animals and most often this disease leads to death. This article is intended to be an overview of this [...]