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Dannell Davis, DVM

As a child, Dannell was involved in a variety of sports including competitive horseback riding.  As a young adult, she was an active mountaineer summiting many of the Pacific Northwest peaks including Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens, and many in central Oregon and northern California. She wanted to become a veterinarian as a young child but abandoned the idea for other career possibilities.

In 1996, Dannell reconsidered her future and decided to make a career for herself in the field of veterinary medicine. As an adult, she traveled to the United Kingdom to attend the Royal Veterinary College. She qualified in 2003, and practiced veterinary medicine in England until 2005. From 2005 to 2007 she worked in Astoria, Oregon, and in 2008 bought the Astoria Animal Hospital. Since then, she has built up the practice and continues to modernize it.

Outside of work, Dannell is a volunteer with the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)—an auxiliary of the Astoria Police and Fire Departments. The CERT’s primary role is to assist firefighters with their equipment and safety in emergency- or disaster-related events.  Dannell also spends her free time gardening, walking her dog and taking care of her cats.

Education is very important to Dannell so she writes informative pieces for the BowWow Dog News and the Daily Astorian’s Consult the Professional section.


Carrie is a veterinary assistant and has worked at Astoria Animal Hospital since 2004. Her forte is providing comfort for our in-hospital patients and boarding animals. She assists the doctor with everything, but her main duties include nail trims; holding animals for examinations; managing the treatment area and its organization; running blood work; monitoring surgical patients; communicating with clients (including providing estimates to owners); and operating the crematorium. Carrie is our on-site safety leader, and also helps manage inventory. She enjoys the diversity of animals that come to the hospital, and takes pride in providing a clean, friendly and welcoming environment for animals under our care. Carrie has a special interest in exotic animal husbandry, seeing to the care and environmental needs of animals other than cats and dogs.

In her spare time, Carrie enjoys spending time with her husband and children. They enjoy any activity that takes them outdoors.


Jennifer is our technician assistant. She’s responsible for taking care of our boarders, caring for chickens and ruminants (hooved animals), and running blood work. She helps in the front of the clinic occasionally, assisting during examinations, vaccinations and nail trims. She enjoys seeing the different personalities and habits of the animals that come to our clinic. At home, Jennifer cares for 20 chickens, four ducks, two dogs and a cat. Her hobbies include spoiling her pets and playing video games.